Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

In regards to social media tools for work and self promotion there are numerous ways onto how one can self promote themselves through social networking. Business professionals and businesses use these social media tools as a marketing tool in terms of promoting or branding, a research component, business intelligence, so on and so forth. However, there are business professionals that use certain social medias to further their brand names into the cyber world. Social medias such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Instagram. It is best to with the well-known social medias just because those are the ones that a majority of people are currently using. Twitter is a good tool to use as a business professional because it allows one to interact with its customers and be another source of feedback as to what can be improved or bettered in terms of service. Facebook is a bit more informative because of how the information can be formatted due to privacy settings, but most business professionals create a fan page because it is pretty basic and straight forward. There isn’t much difficulty in understanding it for the audience who isn’t that tech-savy.  Instagram and Tumblr are pretty similar to one another, but they work a bit differently in terms of promotion. The both of them are about posting pictures or anything of any sort. Posting pictures of one’s brand and the liking of photo’s will appear on others timelines as well, and if it’s that appealing it will go viral within seconds. I myself am pretty new to LinkedIn it seems that most business professionals rely on this specific tool because it pretty much lays the whole foundation as to what an individual is about and what they are aspiring to be. You would think that the job is done once you have created your account through these social medias, realistically it isn’t. Why, you ask? Well, I shall explain to you why because if your account just sits there and you just go posting your stuff and going about your business. Who is going to see what you are trying to do, if you don’t network with like minded individuals. Networking with like minded individuals will push you in the right direction that much quicker.

Creating a personal, professional brand image. One of the first things that should be coming to mind much before you get into social netowrking and creating social medias. Creating that personal image will define what you want to be and what you are looking for in a an entire synopsis it can be a picture, speech, a phrase or even how you conduct yourself through anything that is in relation to yourself.

Other methods of business using social media:

– Marketing     – Customer Service   – Business Intelligence (competitive, product)

– Public Relations       – Sales      – Stockbrokers     – Brand Managers

The following is a bit of back up which has in relation to my idea of social media tools for work and self promotion:


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